Privacy policy

MOUNTAIN AND WATER has established the following privacy policy regarding the handling of user’s personal information (“the Customers”) in the services provided on this website.

1. We will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the appropriate handling of Customer’s personal information.
2. When handling Customer’s personal information, we will clearly specify the purpose of use as much as possible.
3. We will not disclose Customer’s personal information to third parties without the Customer’s prior consent.
4. We will take steps to prevent data leakage or loss of Customer’s personal information.
5. All staff are aware of the importance of personal data and are fully trained and supervised to ensure that the Customer’s personal information is handled appropriately.
6. Where the handling of Customer’s personal information is outsourced, we will provide appropriate supervision to ensure it is kept secure.
7. We will continue to improve our personal information protection management systems and processes.
About the Use of Cookies
This website uses cookies to improve usability of the site. Cookies are used to anonymously identify your browser. They are not used to identify specific individuals. You can change your browser settings at any time if you wish to disable the use of cookies.

The name MOUNTAIN AND WATER is based on a Confucian proverb and
is a metaphor for the nature within the locale of Sayama and Inagawa.

智水仁山From the Analects of Confucius, Yong Ye No. 6.23
A wise man enjoys the water, a compassionate man enjoys the mountain.
A wise man is in motion, a compassionate man is still.
A wise man is happy, a compassionate man is everlasting.