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EPISODE 01 From father to son...and beyond.

July 1, 2020.
Jin Kuze suddenly had to say farewell to his father, who’d never even been in hospital.
His father, Kenji Kuze, a passionate educator and avant-garde ceramic artist, died at the age of 74.
It had been a scant two months since his illness was discovered that May.
Now it’s been a year and a half.
We talked to him about his feelings changing with the passing of time.

The name MOUNTAIN AND WATER is based on a Confucian proverb and
is a metaphor for the nature within the locale of Sayama and Inagawa.

智水仁山From the Analects of Confucius, Yong Ye No. 6.23
A wise man enjoys the water, a compassionate man enjoys the mountain.
A wise man is in motion, a compassionate man is still.
A wise man is happy, a compassionate man is everlasting.