There are all sorts of thoughts flying around in the world.
This is a place where you can tap in to those thoughts.
A place where people can share their deepest thoughts and feelings in their own words.
We hope that even words of sadness or pain can become words of salvation and generate new awareness within the people to whom these words are bestowed.
Please take a look around this site in the same way that you would look out the window toward the trees outside whenever you have a passing thought.

The name MOUNTAIN AND WATER is based on a Confucian proverb and
is a metaphor for the nature within the locale of Sayama and Inagawa.

智水仁山From the Analects of Confucius, Yong Ye No. 6.23
A wise man enjoys the water, a compassionate man enjoys the mountain.
A wise man is in motion, a compassionate man is still.
A wise man is happy, a compassionate man is everlasting.